Strategic Portfolios, Risk Control and a Sustainable Approach

Here is why the correct combination gives the desired results

Choose SKYLINE as your money manager to get the most professional, proven approach to your investments portfolio in the capital markets with advanced features.  

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CIMA regulated partner  broker

All our  Clients enjoy fully segregated individual accounts with full liquidity of funds, combined with professional Money Manager services.

Risk Control System

We offer a conservative risk-control approach  based  on years of experience and daily markets analisis. Additionally all our Clients are offered a risk-control software from our partner Broker.

Sustainable  results in time

We acknowledge that  past results do not guarantee future results. Nevertheless our systematic approach, market study, conservative risk and controlling  software make an expert combination  to sail to profitable results which can be potentially larger than any other investment overtime.

Why strategy matters

In the most liquid and  the largest markets in today's world; the easiest thing that may happen is to get  lost in it. Akin to a  big city, if you want to enter what is potentially one of the most profitable  investment  options that you can  run  today and in the future; you need to know.  As a Money Manager firm, we understand knowledge is  the key. 

Same  way you would not  sail a boat in a storm in the Ocean - you would not want  to enter  the markets when waters are rough.

However sailing is also a pleasant experience and  so approaching the markets with a  disciplined , proven and defined strategy can be.

Our offer comprises a convenient combination of market  study; with the benefit of a potentially higher long-term equity growth and  the  convenience of starting to get results immediately and with complete  liquidity of  funds.

What our service  comprises

Because we are  profitable  when our Clients are -  we have partnered and bundled together the best tools and Tier1 services for  long term business relations.

When you choose Skyline to be your Money Manager,  we  will be offering you the following benefits and features for  a tailor-made experience in the  money markets:

  1. - Open  your account directly with our preferred  partner Broker, TradeView Markets. Skyline does  not accept   any funds and your monetary relation will  always be with the Broker. 
  2. - TradeView  Markets is licensed as  Broker/Dealer and regulated by CIMA (CAYMAN ISLAND MONETARY AUTHORITY), running the 5th largest banking centre in  the  world.  
  3. - You will open your own account with the Broker. This means our Clients are in  complete control of their funds and enjoy full liquidity.  
  4. - Client funds are  fully segregated and audited. For your security our partner Broker  segregates  all client funds  which are regularly audited.
  5. - Our clients get extra security through risk control software. Aside  from  our  low  risk approach to the  markets, we have chosen to add a second layer  of  security by adding, through our partner broker a risk -control software to keep assets secure if maximum risk approved would be reached.
  6. - We analize the markets daily. Being knowledgable of  the  markets  we keep a conservative  approach to  minimize  risks. This however does  not prevent profits - it actually keeps  them  constant  and  sound as less risks  are taken  in our portfolio. 
  7. We manage our Clients'  portfolio like we manage ours. Skyline  as Money Manager provides Clients with the very same approach that we run our own Portfolio,  and the same portfolio is applied to all our Clients. 
  8. - Our portfolio  balances risks  / rewards  ratio. You would  be  nicely surprised by checking our performance, which despite low  risks; we  manage to get constant  results  overtime. 
  9. - Exclusive Client Cabinet provided by Broker. Each Client gets a Client Cabinet where to easily and securely manage deposits, withdrawals and balances. 
  10. - Real time liquidity. Enjoy the convenience of having liquidity 24/7 both on equity and profits generated. To perform any withdrawal, simply login to your cabinet and place the amount to be withdrawn to your Bank account.