SKYLINE Capital Markets
Asset Management on futures, funds, commodities and structured products

SKYLINE provides access to Capital Markets through the most trusted ECN Forex, Futures and Stock Brokers with a focused range of investment services which deal in Forex account management services for Private and Institutional clients worldwide. 

We offer access to Equity Funds, CFD's, Derivatives, Futures, and Structured Products under a regulated and transparent environment. 

Risk management, ethical service and yearly equity growth are our pillars for success.

Our offer is simple and clear. 

Secure Tier1 banking, transparent regulated environment, steady brokerage and diversified portfolios to plan our Clients' future.

A few reasons that makes us the correct choice

When approaching the Capital Markets there are a few ingredients which are needed in order to have a professional experience, which must be based on strong pillars. That is why at Skyline as a Money Manager we have comprised the best the market has to offer for the long run of our Clients. 

A Money Manager firm needs to work with most trusted stock and forex Brokers; offering at the same in a bundle strong banking, regulation, full liquidity and good Client support. That is why we have chosen an ECN Forex Broker as a key partner for advanced access to liquidity pools, stocks, CFD's and futures. 

At Skyline we have focused on service, and results. Through our service you will enjoy a Money Manager service with full liquidity of funds and Client's account segregation and auditing. 

Forex account management services also require of experience, daily market analysis and know-how to sail the markets steadily. Our consistent and proven approach offers a very low risk exposure, which nevertheless it does not prevent profitability. Our service has proven steady results both in Forex account management services and in structured products, balancing overtime an excellent risk/reward ratio. 

You can check our forex account management services results below. 

Why Skyline? 

  • - 100% ECN Marketplace 
  • - Segregation & Auditing of Funds 
  • - Risk Control Software Provided by partner ECN Forex Broker 
  • - Broker Service Regulated by CIMA (Cayman Island Monetary Authority) 
  • - Funds Held in Tier1 Bank in London (Santander Bank) 
  • - Forex account management service through one of the most trusted Forex Brokers 

Skyline skype support for Clients & Partners: skylinecapitalmarkets

Opening an account is a seamless process which can be done in as little as one business day in a complete independent way. 

Nevertheless the process guarantees you an Independent account with segregation of funds while you will gain immediate access to world markets and to a superior product through Skyline management.

Our approach

We  have put together the Team

In the money markets,  the  privileged profitable group averages a 20% of traders.  We have put together the best tools  under one umbrella for our clients. Because these do not have to be privileges, we  offer fully regulated brokerage accounts through our partner  Broker, segregation of funds, full control of your finances, guarantee of maximum risk and a profitable, transparent and simple approach to markets.

As our  Client, now  you can  decide on which  side you  are going to be. 




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