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In the world's largets MarketPlace where only  20% of Money Managers are profitable, you also have the potential to obtain largest  profitabilities compared to any other Investment

Sailing storms is not a wise decision

We offer you to be on the Sunny Side

Open  an  Account - Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions

Attention:  SKYLINE  CAPITAL MARKETS  nor its Agents DO NOT accept  any kind  of deposits. Your relation will be solely with TRADEVIEW LIMITED,  our partner  Broker regulated by CIMA. Our  compensation comes  only from Performance & Management fees that  we charge for our  service.

By opening  an account you hereby understand and accept that accounts and funding will be reviewed and accepted by our partner Broker TRADEVIEW LIMITED at  their sole discretion and  upon the Broker's KYC and AML policies.

Funds Segregation: You understand and  accept that Clients' funds are received by TRADEVIEW  LIMITED,  Segregated and Audited. Skyline Capital Markets does not accept any deposits of any kind, neither is responsible for any event that may affect TRADEVIEW LIMITED and/or its custodian banks. Through the process of opening an account by using this website you will be opening a Personal , Joint or Business account directly with the Broker and not with Skyline Capital Markets

Drawdown  Controller:  Skyline Capital Markets has chosen to add a second layer of security to Clients' accounts. Additional to our low-risk approach and previous  market analysis to lower risks and obtain stable profitabilities; TRADEVIEW LIMITED  shall provide a drawdown controller software in each Client account which will prevent further losses than agreed should a market event  happen. As such; Skyline  is not responsible of the functioning of this Software, being this a service  provided by TRADEVIEW LIMITED

Deposits and Withdrawals: You understand and accept that all deposit/withdrawal operations are run by you as a Client, to and from your brokerage account with TRADEVIEW LIMITED. Despite we may offer Client support, SKYLINE CAPITAL MARKETS does not  receive or hold   any type of Client  funds whatsoever

Our account  opening process  has put a team of  advantages  together - because  we understand that what we offer are not  privileges but necessary tools to manage your finances and sail  the waters of the capital markets in  a sound way.

Our committment towards our Clients:

  1. - 100% ECN Marketplace with Partner Broker regulated by CIMA, fifth largest banking  centre in  the world
  2. - Individual, Joint or Business Accounts for our Clients are  Segregated and Audited
  3. - Tier1 Custodian Banks
  4. - Additional  protection with percentage drawdown controller to minimize risks in any event
  5. - A controlled  approach to the markets with consistent results and daily market study
  6. - 100% control of your finances and 100% liquidity of funds anytime
  7. - Skyline & Tradeview Limited Client Support

Open an Account.

  • Step 1.  Open your Personal, Joint  or Corporate Account with our Partner Broker  HERE
  • Step 2. Once your  account has been approved you can fund it. Skyline Capital Markets manages accounts starting at 40.000 USD. Please inform us once you have opened your account.
  • Step 3. Once your account is funded, we will send you a Limited Power of  Attorney detailing our service and our fees. Our performance fee is of 25% of net profits generated charged at the end of each month plus 1 PIP per lot  operated in the  market
  • Final Step. You will have live  access to your account,  check live results and full liquidity for deposits and withdrawals

Notice: If you open extra positions in your account, that will affect your risk ratio  and your potential profit/loss calculations. Skyline Capital Markets will  not be responsible for extra positions  open in your  account.

Attention:  Clients  enjoy full control and full liquidity of funds. In order to keep risk under control we kindly ask you to notify us prior  to making a withdrawal from  your account.