Forex Account Management

Now you can book a professional forex account management service in three simple steps and without losing grip on quality and security. 

A goof forex account management service comprises accurate risk management and low-risk approach to the markets; aiming to maximize potential profits with less exposure. This combined with our regulated partner ECN Broker, Tier1 Banking in London, Auditing and Segregation of Clients' funds plus full liquidity of your equity, makes Skyline offer one of the most secure and attractives in the market. 

If you want to check our Month to Month and Yearly results, please see below. Alternatively, you can also email us at ; Skype us at SKYLINECAPITALMARKETS or LiveChat with us. 

Opening an account for forex account management is as easy as following three steps: 

Step 1: Open your account with our partner ECN Broker here

Step 2: Once you have your account open and funded, please contact us to sign the LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) which enables Skyline to place orders in the marketplace on your behalf

Step 3: You will be already working with open positions. You can monitor your account in real time, and enjoy total or parcial financial liquidity of your equity anytime. To perform withdrawals, please login to your Client Cabinet with the Broker and perform your financial operations securely. 

Theoretical Equity Growth

We acknowledge that past results do not guarantee future results. Nevertheless, our controlled with low exposure approach offers very consistent profitability overtime.

This is proven by our Month to Month profitability; where our steady results offer not only a surprisingly outstanding yearly equity increase, but it also allows to reduce risks as equity itself increases. Taking smaller and measured risks in the market do not prevent profits - as a matter of fact this Skyline approach allows steady growth without major drawbacks. 

In a theoretical growth of 25% p.a.; our Clients' equity is doubling every four years. 

Our results can be obtained thanks to a professional service and a professional ECN Broker backing our Clients. 

For further information or to become our business partner; please contact us.