Become our Partner

We  offer qualified  Introducing Brokers a sound partnership option  where you can  access superior services for your Clients' Portfolio. 

Through our offer, we make sure our Clients are in a secure and regulated environment,  which can lead our business associates to long-term business growth.  We offer daily support and an excellent compensation plan  so our Introducing  Brokers only need to focus on growing  their portfolio:

  1. -  Up  to 30% of Skyline monthly profitability if your Portfolio is up  to 400.000 USD
  2. - Up to 40% of Skyline  monthly profitability if your Portfolio is above 400.000 USD

As a business associate, you will get:

  1. - Daily statements of your Portfolio performance
  2. - Weekly statement of your revenue generated in  your Portfolio
  3. - Monthly statement of final revenue including total net profitability revenue plus volume operated

Our Committment

Business Transparency with you and your Clients. Full reporting of activities and no hidden fees on our service.

Fair access  to the MarketPlace.  Clients' Fund Protection and Auditing, Full Liquidity and Risk Management.

Long term growth. Assuming a theoretical growth of 25% p.a. our Portfolio equity doubles every 4 years lowering the risk exposure.